About Us

About us

KATHMANDU EXPATS Pvt. Ltd. is a legally registered online startup company for expats service.

We offer free relocation support to expats prior to and after their arrival. Free services include: real-time pricing info; house hunting; school finding; customized trek/hike service; car/bike purchase or sale; and legal advice.

We have in our network, range of top companies and partners in the service sector who specialize in their field of work and also embrace principles of UN Global Compact.

Our social initiatives – KATHMANDU EXPATS (18.5K+ members) and POKHARA EXPATS (2.5K+ members) are  the largest expats community in Nepal and serve as a free information & networking hub  since 2013 for expats living in or traveling to Nepal.

How does our company sustain?

While our services are free to expats; our small cost recovery fee is paid to us by the partner companies and other service providers which helps us to sustain this platform.


KATHMANDU EXPATS Meetup is a networking event organized by Kathmandu Expats Pvt. Ltd.  last Friday of each month. Due to the pandemic the meetup has been postponed until further notice.

To learn more about us, please drop an email at TheKathmanduExpats@gmail.com